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How the west was Really won

A Sexwestern

How the west was really won
18 February 1988
I'm just a normal 20-something Film Student, and something of a sex enthusiast. I keep this journal to share thoughts and experiences on sex, and like to read those of others as well. Topics may vary from fantasies to new positions to sex education in schools. I also occasionally write erotic fiction or poetry.

This journal contains sexually explicit material. Because of this, I have restricted the journal to "friends only". Simply comment on my first post or just add me, and, after a quick age check, I will add you back.

I only ask that you...

Don't get me into legal trouble. If you are under 18, or for whatever other reason it isn't legal for you to be viewing sexually explicit material, please go away. I can totally sympathize, I was jailbait once myself, and I know its an extremely frustrating experience, but I'm not willing to risk my own ass to give you a peep show. Sorry.

Don't be terribly rude. Criticism and dry sarcasm are always welcome but if I feel that a comment is inappropriate, it will be deleted.

Do comment often. I love hearing feedback. Criticism is always appreciated, as are grunts (or moans)of enthusiasm.

Do Know what you're getting yourself into. The contents of this journal will, for the most part, be sexual and/or erotic in nature and is not intended for children or prudes. If you are offended by this sort of stuff please don't bother telling me about it, I honestly just don't give a shit.

Do masturbate often. I just think it's healthy.